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Hello ~
Taking photos is an expression of my “art” and though it isn’t always art to most people, it gives me the feeling of catching an interesting moment of my life’s experience.
I have been taking photos since 1944. When I was two years old I took a photo of my Great Grandmother getting out of a car. That is my first recorded photo. Not much is remember from those years, but as I grew to be 11 years old I was moved by my mother and father to Formosa (Taiwan is our modern day name). There I began to experience Life as a very strange looking young boy. I was the only foreign kid around in the small city in which I lived. Every Chinese person found me to be very unusual to observe, my hair wasn’t black like theirs, my eyes were green/brown, and my body grew small white hair which they often plucked at in curiousity.
Now my hair is still white at 72, and I still find children pulling on my arm hairs, people stopping on the streets to observe me going about a normal daily life. I teach exceptionally gifted Chinese students how to prepare themselves for life in an American classroom. The fashion now is for Chinese kids who are High School one age, to journey to an all English classroom somewhere in a western society. This is similar to the shock I experienced when I was a boy trying to attend school in Taiwan during the years of 1952 to 1961.
The photos I have taken over the years are slowly being scanned into digital format and will appear here as they are completed. I hope you find them interesting and return often to see the new updates.
I live in Chengdu which is in Sichuan Province - northwestern China. I live very near to the boarders between Sichuan and Tibet. On any given day, I can step out my front door and adventure into a photo opportunity.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find the time to make a comment as you are touched by the experiences you find here. You can reach me via my email or leave me a message at 916-913-9598. Regards :)

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